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  What's Available at Vale Royal Farmers' Market?

Conditions and Guidelines for Traders at VRFM

  1. All produce & products offered for sale must have been Grown, Reared, Caught, Baked, Brewed, Pickled, Smoked, Processed or Handmade by the stallholder.
  2. All produce & products offered for sale must be locally grown or produced. Locally means within 50 miles of the Farmers' Market. Producers outside this radius will be allowed to trade if no local producer is available or wishing to sell the product.
  3. Producers must sell only their own produce at the stall.Only certified organic produce can trade under the ORGANIC label.Produce grown without the use of chemicals can state this fact.
  4. Value added products must have at least 10% of locally sourced ingredients.
  7. Only the producer, family or an employee/ representative of the organisation who is directly involved with the growing/producing of the product on sale is permitted to sell the produce.
  8. Pre-packed produce must be labelled with the growers/producers name and full address, with the exception of fruit and vegetables.
  9. Food must be labelled and priced according to legal requirements.
  10. Only good quality and wholesome food should be sold. Produce should be well displayed and presented with front covering to the floor protecting produce and packaging. Produce should be kept at least 1/2 metre from the floor or stored at the back of the stall. .
  11. Packaging should be kept as minimal as possible. Stall areas should be kept clean and floors tidied at the end of the market.
  12. Stalls must display business or group name, address and telephone number together with details, preferably including a map, of where the products were grown or produced.
  13. all stalls and produce should comply with Food Safety Regulations. Please note that any stall with open (not pre-packed) high risk food (e.g. meat, cheese, dairy, sandwiches) must agree to abide by the appropriate Environmental Health regulations. All traders requiring refrigeration must provide their own equipment.
  14. All stallholders must have adequate employee, public and product liability insurance.
  15. Opening hours 10am to 2pm. Stalls should not close down or pack up during these hours, except in exceptional circumstances and as agreed with the Market Manager.
  16. Stall fees are payable on the day at £10.00 per 6ft frontage plus £5.00 for electric without exception.
  17. At least 72 hours notice is required if you are unable to attend a particular market, this will help with setting out of the tables.

Contact Monica Haworth on 01829 751300

Any trader found in breach of the above conditions and guidelines
will be asked by the market manager to leave the market.